Riding through the Delta, African Horseback Safaris, Botswana


We offer three different riding safaris in Botswana, and I've enjoyed all of them! Please take a look at some of the photos or indeed a video clip from my most recent trip. Two of the rides are based in the Okavango Delta and the third is in the Tuli region of Botswana, close to the border with South Africa. The best way of seeing more detail for each is to go directly to the individual websites by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. Then if you would like to chat in more detail about any of the destinations or scheduled departures dates please email or call me.

Tuli: I had been to Africa many times but viewing wildlife from horseback for the first time was an amazing experience. On the Tuli ride, each day was so different; it wasn't hard to get up at the crack of dawn with Joyce's freshly made hot muffins just out of the 'bush oven'. She had been up since 3am to ensure we had a good start to our day. Strider was my horse on my first trip to Limpopo. Originally a wild stallion running free in the High Veld, he was a superb horse and of course, he'd seen it all before. It was Strider who gave me confidence to ride up close to the elephant herds - at the command to "go back", Strider was ready to carry me swiftly to safety . Meanwhile our guide played with Mr Jumbo and told him all was fine, there was no need to turn the mock charge into a real one. There are some good fast gallops to be had on the ride and many steep banks up and down the dry river beds. Just imagine yourself at the Hickstead Bank! Sam and the grooms keep the horses well fed and groomed during the trail and ensure those Australian stock saddles are clean and comfortable. Cantering along with zebra and giraffe will last in my memory for a lifetime, as will the wide open spaces where you can ride six-abreast, choosing your own route over, around or on top of the small acacia bushes! Jane

Okavango Delta: "Camping in Africa isnít quite the same as camping in England; for a start itís hot and wild animals stroll casually though the camp at night. Then there is the food and wine -the hospitality from Sarah-Jane and her crew was staggering. The tents were luxurious with proper beds and hot/cold showers etc. You are awoken in the early hours of dawn with tea and home made biscuits Ė what a start to the day. Then there were the horses - they came in all shapes and colours to suit all tastes and experience but all where well behaved and capable of a fair turn of foot. Being mock charged by a male elephant certainly tested their bravery and speed. Imagine galloping down watery reed beds, your hair flying in the breeze and the sun beating down on your face. Or cantering sedately alongside zebras and giraffes. Imagine galloping round a corner to find your breakfast table laid out in the bush for a champagne breakfast. No, camping in Africa isnít like the UK and riding in the Okavango should definitely be every horse-rider's once-in-a-lifetime experience Ė it is worth every penny." Fiona